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The 2005 Photo Of The Year Contest Winners
Thank You To All Of Our 2005 Finalists - 2006 Nominees Coming Soon!
a st. bernard puppy picture of rosco
Congratulations to the two 2005 Photo Of The Year winners. We selected two because both stood out in the votes and the tally was close, it just didn't seem right to leave one of them out. Chloe's picture was popular with voter's for it's motion frozen in time and Rosco's photo created an endless supply of "ahhhh" he's so cute comments. More Pet Pictures
Favorite Pet Articles, Journal and Blog Entries
Some of Our Favorite Articles and Blogs from the Journal Archives Other Favorites

Wild Pets - Coydogs, The Coyote Dog Hybrid Mixed Breed  First Posted, November 20, 2004
The existence of true coyote dog hybrids, also known as coydogs or dogotes, is often the subject of hot debate. This is because, at first glance, the facts seem to be a little contradictory. For instance, there is little scientific evidence of coyotes and dogs breeding in the wild, however, it is a genetic fact that coyotes can breed with dogs and wolves, subsequently producing fertile offspring. So why aren't coydogs more common in rural areas? Actually, the issue is ...   continued

puppy training tips
Training Pets: The Wonders of Squirt Gun Discipline  First Posted, April 14, 2005
Dog training has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. Positive reinforcement only works if your pet cares about pleasing you and/or if you have a constant parade of treats to offer. And, I don't believe in negative, harmful discipline either ...   continued

Skillful Pets - Bird Calls and Cats Luring Birds  First Posted, January 8, 2005
A long time ago I was sitting in the coral next to my barn when a bird landed on the corral post just outside the barn door ... where it proceeded to sing and chirp pretty little sounds. It was It was just seconds later when my cat Diamond came slowly around the corner from   ...   continued

Pets and Animal Wildlife Predicting Natural Disasters  First Posted, January 2, 2005
It has long been believed by many that animals have a keen sense for earthquakes, storms and impending disasters and can therefore predict their arrival. ... something interesting about the 2004 tsunami on the shorelines of South Asia. In spite of the numerous death toll and large path of destruction left behind by the recent Tsunami, scientists have reported a surpris-   ...   continued

male calico cats and the genetics of calicos
Interesting Pets - The Genetics of the Calico Color  First Posted, February 3, 2005
A little calico kitten is just about as cute as a baby animal can be. However, a calico cat is not actually a breed but rather a very specific color characteristic. A "true" calico is a tri-color cat, with its colors ... For a kitten to be born a calico ... continued

Wild Pets - The Wolf Dog Hybrid and It's Suitability As A Pet  First Posted, February 20, 2005
Wolfdogs, a hybrid wolf dog mix, are usually a very beautiful mix of arctic or timber wolf and various larger domestic dog breeds. Most wolfdogs exhibit physical characteristics of both the wolf and dog in differing combinations. Scientifically the wolf is known as canis lupus and the dog as canis familiaris. Although closely related, there are anatomical and physiological ... continued
New and Recent Articles and Blog Entries other recent articles

Keeping Your Pets Cool in The Summer Heat  First Posted, August 5, 2005
Keeping your animals cool in the summer heat can be quite a challenge, especially with the extreme temperatures much of the country seems to be experiencing today. However, according to some experts it can be hard on a dog to bring them in and out, off and on, all day ... continued
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