Heat Mats for Pets, Winterizing the Dog House

Heat Mats for Pets, Winterizing the Dog House
The thing about outdoor pets is that most of them really do love being outside, even in the winter. Problem is ... north winter winds can be expected to blow, temperatures will drop and your pets will get cold. Just the same, my cats and one of my dogs still choose the outside environment over the indoor, and lets not forget little Daisy the pygmy goat, one of my favorite pets. Something had to be found to make us "all" feel more comfortable when the colds winds blow.
Our solution for the last four or five years has been to use heating mats designed especially for pets and dog house environments. Pets heat pads aren't cheap, you can expect to spend around a $100 for one, but peace of mind they bring us has made them worth it for us. The two main brands are Kane and Lectro-Kennel.
The Kane heat mat for pets at cabelas
The one we've used for the last three years is the one by Kane Manufacturing. They are strong and the heating element is encased in sturdy plastic. The mat's temperature is set to operate ideally in outdoor weather between 40 degrees and -10 degrees F. The heat mat may not feel warm to the touch. As the animal lies on the mat surface the body traps the heat thereby giving the animal the desired warming effect. Thermostats are available if you need temperature control in a warmer setting such as inside the home. We've used the heat mat from Kane for over 3 years and we've loved it without a single complaint - until now - until Sammy - our Pyrenees puppy otherwise known as the destructor. The minute we weren't looking she had the cord chewed in half. Kane mats have a chew resistant spring cord around the first foot of cord coming off the mat but just regular exposed cord for the remaining four feet. I guess the Kane mat is hard to beat when you have a pet that is not a chewer, but very risky around chew happy dogs.
Since were worried about Sammy chewing on the Kane Heat Mat's cord, we've been looking around for a replacement product with a better protected cord. We just purchased a Lectro Kennel Mat, the pricing is similar and the idea is the same. One thing about the Lectro Kennel that we like is that their cord is wrapped in spring all the way from the mat to the plug, making it safer in our opinion. Will it be as tough and effective as Kane? We'll keep you posted. Were also looking into a mat from a company in Kansas, they advertise that their cord is protected, but we haven't been able to get them to respond to our inquiries so we hesitate to mention their name at this time. We'll let you know when we have spoken to them and we know more.
Currently, we are doing something we advise others to do as well, doing a dry test run (placing the mats in the pets environment without plugging them in) for a few weeks before the major cold fronts move in. That way, you can find out if your pet will chew on the cord, spring wrap or not, before the plug is plugged in and dangerous to your pet's well being. When we feel safe plugging the product in, we'll do so during the day when were home to keep an eye on it in case it has some kind of manufacturing defect that would cause it to set fire in any way. I guess all electrical products pose some kind of danger, but we feel the risk is small enough to make it worthwhile just the same. Our Kane mats have been heating element fault free for over three years now.
By Lisa ... Journal Entry Posted September 28, 2004

Where to Buy Pet Heat Mats
We've found that the Kane Heat Mat can be hard to find sometimes but you can buy it online at Cabelas. Cabela's is one of our all time favorite stores to shop and they also carry the Lectro Kennel products too. To find the Lectro-Kennel and Kane Heat Mats go to
The Lectro-Kennel heat mat for pets at cabelas
the dog bed section at the Cabela's web site. You can also find the Kane Heat Mat online at Lambriar Animal Health Care. When you get to their web site type Kane into their search box. We'll let you know about the third pet heat pad manufacturer as we know more.

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